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ICSRI 2019

Information and Communication Sciences Research Infrastructures Awareness Day .​ 

Paris, France

May 27th 2019

Discussion Pannel

Why Research Infrastructures  are needed to accelerate research findings in Information and Communication Sciences.

Takeway messages on Industrial infrastructures, e-infrastructures, Research Infrastructures in Digital sciences.

Workshop Objectives

In the fast and growing digital society, Information and Communication sciences needs more than ever new and strong tools to support experimentations to validate the new scientific inventions.  As stated by the French founder of the experimental medicine Claude Bernard (1813-1878)  "Experimentation is an active Science", this Workshop will be the place to raise awareness of the ICT and digital scientists and policy makers communities on the needs and requirements of Research  Infrastructures in ICT and digital  sciences  to better respond to the scientific needs to validate efficiently and more realistically their research findings and also solve new complex problems. The workshop with the participation of French and European representatives, will address those questions, but not limited to:


- What does a Research Infrastructure bring to a scientific experimentation of the Information and Communication research?

- How does Research Infrastructures interact with e-infrastructures?

- How can research infrastructures in Europe and in the world contribute to the scientific and innovation excellence?


Research Infrastructure

Demo at Sorbonne University

Super Infrastructure for Large-scale Experimental Computer Science

Lina Munari, DG CNECT
Sverker Holmgren, e-IRG
Sverker Holmgren, e-IRG
John Goodhue, MGHPCC
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